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Hello World! (again)

I am very happy to announce the first posting on this blog!  This has been an effort that has taken a few weeks now.  As with anything dealing with software, it is never as easy as initially perceived, and has taken much longer than anticipated.  This blog was initially set up on Tumblr, and while it was pretty cool, it became obvious pretty quickly that the potential amount of content created here was going to require a little more publishing depth.  So, for the past week or so, I have been learning WordPress and the results of which are before you now.

Developers Win! has been a side project idea of mine for a couple months now.  As with any idea worth building, there’s the feeling that I should have thought of it sooner.  To be honest, this is a project that has been in development since April of 2011, when Silverlight’s direction was given the final nail in its coffin.  Back then, I ended up writing an Open Letter to .NET Leadership that really didn’t go anywhere, but at the time it described the angst incurred from killing a technology that held tremendous promise.  Silverlight may be dead (and still greatly misunderstood), but the core desire and business need is still there and remains unmet — and thus the primary inspiration of this endeavor.

So what exactly is Developers Win! about?  Developers Win! is dedicated to petitioning Microsoft to establish a ubiquitous, cross-platform, and powerful .NET client application model offering.  .NET client application models such as WinForms, Windows Presentation Foundation, and (the currently favored) Universal Windows Platform all work exclusively on Windows, but do not work on other platforms such as iOS and Droid, and they do not work in an HTML5-compliant browser (but could and should).  Additionally, the HTML5 application model is completely incompatible with any .NET application model (e.g. cannot share code between C# server and JavaScript client), so that poses a very big (and expensive) challenge for .NET developers and organizations.

Here are some votes that already address some of these issues (more are on the way):

  1. Building a Ubiquitous (HTML5-compliant) .NET Client Application Model 
  2. Open Source / Cross-Platform UWP
  3. Improving Xaml System in UWP (and Core .NET)

The primary goal of Developers Win! is to build awareness around these (and other) issues and their corresponding votes.  In turn, the primary goal of this blog is to provide supporting material to better foster dialogue and communication around those efforts, as well as provide a central location for material and content derived from subsequent conversations held from across the web.

So with that, I welcome you here.  If you have a second, please visit and vote for the issues above.  In the coming days, I hope to start rounding out this blog by creating a series of posts that provide a more detailed discussion about the dream and vision of a Ubiquitous .NET.  In the meantime, catch you out there in the voting fields!