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Weekly Vote Report for Saturday, December 26, 2015

Well, another week and another day late. This time it was due to a logistical issue rather than a technical one, that being a visit by Mr. Santa yesterday for Christmas. We’ll continue our regular cadence staring this next Friday.

We’ve also added another vote this week from the Windows App Studio, which is asking for iOS/Droid support for Windows App Studio. Please check it out and vote!

Title Last Week New Votes Total
Ubiquitous / Cross-Platform Client .NET 21854 288 22142
Bring Windows 10 Universal Apps to Android and iOS 1663 94 1757
Create a Ubiquitous .NET Client Application Development Model 1253 85 1338
Windows App Studio: Add support for Android and IOS conversion 81 81
Make Universal Windows Platform Open Source and Cross-Platform 1054 24 1078
One .NET Framework for One Microsoft 2145 4 2149
Expand/Enable Universal Windows Platform to Transpile to JavaScript (iOS/Droid Compatibility) 171 171
Silverlight 6 [Closed / Carrying the Torch] 15568 15568
Visual Studio Improvements 292 12 304
Improve/Reboot Visual Studio Project System 210 7 217
Enable Abstract Syntax Tree Source Files via Roslyn 25 3 28
Improve Asynchronous Programming Model 6 2 8
Enable Roslyn-Powered Code Views 37 37
Enable Roslyn-Powered Data ASTs and Data Views 14 14
Edge Improvements 120 120
WebView: Expose DOM as C#/.NET API 47 47
Xaml Improvements 571 2 573
Add support for ‘XmlnsDefinitionAttribute’ 280 2 282
Add Markup Extensions to (and Improve) WinRT Xaml System (System.Xaml Parity) 291 291

This report is generated by a Xaml-Powered Application hosted in GitHub.