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The .NET Exodus to NodeJS: Sound Off

What Want?

Are you a NodeJS developer? More importantly, are you a former or current .NET developer? Are you a .NET developer thinking of making the switch to NodeJS?

Why Ask?

A few days ago I posted a simple example of what I consider an existential threat to .NET development which has only recently been exacerbated by Microsoft leadership in a recent conference held last November.  In studying that post’s analytics, I noticed a curious dynamic: more NodeJS and JavaScript developers seemed to engage and read my post than .NET and Microsoft developers.

I have mentioned that there has been chatter online about .NET developers making the switch to NodeJS because it is ultimately more efficient and economically feasible to develop applications with one language and code base than two.  However, now that I am an aspiring blogger (who depends on YOU, the dear, informed, and passionate reader — who may or may not be a software developer), I suddenly realize that I have the potential power to bring the chatter to me. 🙂

So… Wat?

So, please take a quick second (or two) and help me learn and make sure that I understand the problem as it is actually meeting current marketplace realities.  If you are a NodeJS developer, and/or a former .NET developer, and/or are a .NET developer considering making the switch to NodeJS — where it at present enjoys a total market reach of potentially ~3 billion devices (as opposed to Windows 10’s 200 Million) and code reuse between application boundariesI would love to hear from you!  Please sound off in the awesome Disqus comments below and let me know your thoughts, experiences with .NET and NodeJS, and of course any comments you have in general — like how I can improve my messaging and blogging skillz (with a z, that’s important).

Or, like, how awesome I am in general.  I am awesome… right?  RIGHT?!

You Awesome.

Awwww… thank you.  You’re not bad yourself!  Thank you for taking the time to read.  I am actually new at all of this and am learning a lot.  Anyways, in addition to the desired audiences above, if you are a .NET developer who is using a client application utilizing NodeJS, Angular, or Aurelia application on top of a .NET server application (exactly what I denounce above), I would love to hear from you too as well to get your thoughts on how you are managing two code bases (and resulting resources), and how this makes more sense to you than migrating everything to NodeJS.

What For?

Ah yes, the reason why I created this blog in the first place.  If you are a concerned .NET/Microsoft citizen, please vote to tell Microsoft that you want to see serious change in its tooling ecosystem to fully realize and enjoy the full market reach that NodeJS currently does today:

Thank you all for any consideration, feedback, and support in my effort to learn and grow!