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Speak Up

Yesterday marked the 6th month mark of the premiere vote of  In this time, over 2700 votes have been accounted towards the idea of a ubiquitous .NET client application development model.  I personally am appreciative of every single vote — one, two, or three at a time. I have been following the tracking of this vote since its inception almost (or quite) obsessively over the past six months.

What has seemed so obvious to me is being spoken by so many others. In this, I am reminded of relationship counseling and how a couple can get into spats.  Working with another technology is not much unlike a relationship.  At some point, you might think and even expect someone to read your mind.  As much as we would love to do, in the end as human beings we are not mind readers.  So, do the next best thing and speak up.  Speak your mind.  This is the great value afforded by UserVoice and the service that it provides.  Although there is a lot I personally would like to change about UserVoice, it allows for the numbers to surface, and in the end to the executive this is what is important.

Six months ago, I thought MSFT was clueless, not willing to listen, not seeing the obvious.  But now after the success of the vote I put forth for tallying, I realize it was me all along who was in the wrong. I didn’t speak up sooner and that is on me.  So, if you see something, speak up.  MSFT actually listens.  They do take note of what you complain and b*tch about on their forums — their UserVoice forums, to be exact.

In the end, it’s all about procuring feedback from the product you put forth (or are thinking of putting forth) on the marketplace.  As long as you have the (bidirectional) lines to do so, this is a healthy dynamic.  I am grateful for this medium and wanted to share my thoughts here before too much time had passed.  2,700+ votes after six months is a pretty solid accomplishment, and wanted to share my thoughts on the matter.  I hope and wish that these words inspire you to help our community as such going forward from now.  See you out there on the suggestion boards!