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Weekly Vote Report for Friday, April 15, 2016

Awwww jyea! Today marks the big 3-0-0-0 mark for the premiere featured vote here on Developers Win! The report below (generated earlier this morning) shows it at 2,999. However, if you check it out now it is over the 3k mark. I cannot express how awesome it is to see this milestone, and it is easily better than anything I personally imagined when I created the vote a little over six months ago. So great to see! As always, please continue to share this vote with all your friends and continue the great discussions out there in the community!

Title Last Week New Votes Total
Ubiquitous / Cross-Platform Client .NET 42,125 202 42,327
Create a Ubiquitous .NET Client Application Development Model 2,832 167 2,999
Allow .NET games on Xbox One 16,211 11 16,222
Make Universal Windows Platform Open Source and Cross-Platform 1,363 10 1,373
Bring Windows 10 Universal Apps to Android and iOS 2,493 6 2,499
Windows App Studio: Add support for Android and IOS conversion 124 4 128
Negotiate with Other Major Browsers Manufacturers Over a Common IL 79 3 82
One .NET Framework for One Microsoft 2,213 1 2,214
Expand/Enable Universal Windows Platform to Transpile to JavaScript (iOS/Droid Compatibility) 194 194
Silverlight 6 [Closed / Carrying the Torch] 15,568 15,568
Run Xaml / C# (like Silverlight) Applications Inside, without Plug-in [Closed / Carrying the Torch] 1,048 1,048
Visual Studio Improvements 443 9 452
Enable Roslyn-Powered Code Views 64 3 67
Enable Roslyn-Powered Data ASTs and Data Views 15 3 18
Improve/Reboot Visual Studio Project System 303 3 306
Enable Abstract Syntax Tree Source Files via Roslyn 32 32
Improve Asynchronous Programming Model 29 29
Edge Improvements 209 209
WebView: Expose DOM as C#/.NET API 57 57
Xaml Improvements 1,093 3 1,096
Add Markup Extensions to (and Improve) WinRT Xaml System (System.Xaml Parity) 378 3 381
Add support for ‘XmlnsDefinitionAttribute’ 315 315
Open-source System.Xaml 400 400

This report is generated by a Xaml-Powered Application hosted in GitHub.