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Where Are the Vote Reports?

You’ve probably noticed that the vote reports have stopped here on ¬†Unless of course you don’t care about them, then you haven’t noticed them at all. ūüôā ¬†These of course were a side project of mine based on the Xaml-console based application that ran on a weekly basis, tallying the latest vote totals from numerous Microsoft UserVoice forums.

What happened? ¬†Well, I had a massive environmental refresh here in my life — both digitally and organically. ¬†It all started with a weird anomaly that I encountered with a project I am working on, and some results that were just not expected or explained in Benchmark.NET. ¬†This led to a full analysis on my environment, on which I realized it had essentially been the same machine and install of Windows for nearly 3 years (!). ¬†That is, I installed Windows 8.0, then upgraded to 8.1, then to Windows 10 where it was that day when I made the realization. ¬†Furthermore, the machine I use has been a hyper-v server, then condensed into a regular workstation, so all sorts of bizarre artifacts were hanging around.

But that was just the beginning. ¬†From there, it spiraled into my personal life, where I took a hefty inventory of all the things in my life, most notably the storage that was “just sitting there” drawing $100/mo from me. ¬†This fact paired with a neighborhood garage sale two weeks removed from the realization made for a good challenge to clear out the sucker and boil down to the essentials, which I did. ¬†I highly recommend this for everyone, as its therapeutic value is immeasurable.

So, essentially, I’ve been out of pocket for two months and have returned with a new environment and perspective of sorts. ¬†While the vote reports were nifty, I do not think much value was gained from them. ¬†Besides, all the important votes have been captured and accounted for now. ¬†The Ubiquitous .NET Client Model¬†vote is #2 currently of all time open issues. ¬†Can’t complain about that at all. ¬†I don’t think any weekly nagging is going to help here, and might even have the opposite effect.

Now, back to the code…