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Who is Agent Smith?

While running Developers Win! last year I’d like to say, I made contact with a developer in the comments of one of my posts that I would classify is part of the dark matter, and have assigned the name Agent Smith. I have assigned him this name as he’s he’s a bit of a badass like Agent Smith from The Matrix, but also, I would like to think that he is very much my inner spirit developer animal. He’s got a bit of (ok – a GIGANTIC!) mouth on him but he speaks a lot of truth and I am appreciative for his honesty and general way of thinking. The weird part is that he is here locally in Michigan. Perhaps we might get to partner up some day?

In any case, this post serves to host the introduction of this character in case I end up quoting him as I do in the introduction for Super.NET. Here’s that quote in its entirety (I know, I’m geeking out here):

Show me a project that one developer can do in one month, and I will show you the same project that two developers can do in two.

– Agent Smith

I’m not looking to be n3rd f@m0u5.

– Agent Smith