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.NET Is the Commodore 64 That Didn't Die

.NET is the Commodore 64 that didn’t die.

In my view, .NET is easily the greatest invention out of MSFT during it’s grand and enduring history. It’s been around for nearly 20 years and MSFT continues to put the brightest talent into its gears and has continued to consistently adapt and improve it over the years.

.NET is the Commodore 64 that didn’t die.

The inclusive design of .NET cannot be understated. As the latest addition of F# shows, it has been designed to consider improvements or different ways of thinking about expressing CPU instructions, and has incorporated these new paradigms successfully. Meaning, future languages can also be incorporated as our field evolves.

How many development paradigms allow multiple languages to interface with it? Truly an undertaking on any account. This is one of the very many reason why I and others are in love with this technology, and have drawn a line in the sand to protect and preserve it at any costs. It’s very rare that a single entity or brand can survive long enough to provide the resources to make a career out of it – especially in the software space!, and .NET is shaping up to offer exactly that and more.

To MSFT, .NET, and victory!