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What’s Up with Philosophy in a Tech Blog, Dawg?

Fair question. I myself do like to keep concerns separated, much like my software design. Perhaps my thoughts here are better expressed in a personal blog. However, having been in the software business for over two decades now, I thought I would take some time to dive into some discoveries I have uncovered during this time, mostly in the form of philosophical musings and exploration.

Additionally (and more importantly), I consider myself a business-minded developer. There does not seem to be a lot of these out there. The topics I will be talking about here from a philosophical perspective might seem out there, but they are aimed towards how we treat each other. In business parlance we call anything that threatens our bottom line a liability. So, in my attempts here, I will be going “out there,” but know that at the end of the day, it’s in the interest of improving not only myself, but the people that I associate with and hopefully those that I work with at some point in the future.

Doing so not only improves our working conditions, but ultimately that bottom line that we are working to ensure is a success.

I would like to think also that software is an art, and as such, what is produced is a direct representation of the individual that creates this art. Further, those who join such endeavors to assist in creating this software also represent their own energies and psyche into this effort. My aim here is to ensure those that I work with and those who join the cause here for Super.NET have a good understanding of who I am as a person and are OK with how I think.

As such, I aim to have an authentic experience and development paradigm with Super.NET, and these articles are an attempt to foster this ideal.

What Are These Articles?

Most of these articles stemmed from the work done on the main page of Super.NET. After writing all of these articles out, I felt that they probably were better put into a blog format and referenced accordingly. While personal, they also deal with how I feel software should be made. I am not only making Super.NET but also an application platform of which Super.NET will be the foundation. This requires me to go out and sell myself (or at least, correspond). Having all my thoughts here in the open will ensure that those that are deciding to partner with me in any capacity will know what they are in for, and as such I will have a better feeling in knowing that those who are working with me are doing so knowing that they know what I believe and think in this space.