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October 2018 Update

Alrighty, a little update here on what has been going on in my efforts here with Super.NET.


To start, things have finally settled down in the area of focus. I spent a few months tracking down ways of funding this project. It turns out that I will not need it as I have been fortunate enough to acquire support from friends and family to work on this project on a very limited (read: monk-like) budget through for the very future that should result in this project’s completion.

However, if you would like to add to the good fortune, the Honor Jar is always available for you:

Please also ensure you leave a comment at the bottom of this post if you do so that I we can keep in touch appropriately. Any contributions are incredibly appreciated and while I will not make any promises, I am calling it the Honor Jar for a reason. :)

The Current Vision/Plan

So how was I able to convince my friends and family to fork over enough resources to allow me to work on this open source project full-time? I wasn’t. While I am working on this open source project, I am also building towards an application that is built upon Super.NET, which I am calling Project.X.

What is Project.X?

Project.X is the first application that is to be built upon Super.NET. To be honest, I do not entirely know what it is just yet, but I am sketching a few ideas. To give out some idea on what I am dancing around, I am thinking that Project.X is:

  • Based on cryptocurrency (which may or may not involve its own token)
  • May or may not (but as of today, leans more towards may) be related to my efforts with my art project.
  • Has its own business model

The last part there is key, of course. It’s difficult to ask for support and financing for an open source project when it doesn’t generate any revenues. However, if you have an idea that can generate money, that is a different ball game altogether.

How Long Will It Take?

I am not much of a deadline kind of person. I am more of a “it’s done when it’s done” sort of creative. However, I have given myself up to two years to belt this sucker out.


Have you ever developed a software project?

Good Point.

Right? Keep in mind that I am building two projects here: the framework and then the application it is built upon it. Also, that two years is a maximum range. Hopefully, I will be done before then (but we know how that goes).

Anything Else?

Check out this cool timeline that I put together courtesy of Office Timeline. Going forward, I hope to update my posts with updated snapshots of these gems to show where I am at in the process, and how much further I have to go.


Also, feel free to follow along with my efforts in the GitHub repository and to Star/Watch along. See you there. :)