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January 2019 Update

Welcome to another – and perhaps the last – installment of the “monthly” status updates here on Super.NET. Last month, I declared I would update here on the first Friday of every month. Let’s check in to see how that’s going…

My Life Story

Yep. Pretty much. In addition to undertaking an embarrassingly underestimated personal project, my entire development environment crashed in the process. Literally. Video processing killed my machine.

Then, from there, it was onto building a new machine. Through snowstorms (delays in all parts to arrive), and then the fun part, configuring it.

All said and done, I am finally (FINALLY!) back at my development space (or “home” as I called it when I sat down this morning) and am finally ready to code after nearly 3-months of not doing what I am supposed to be doing.

So, I am batting a 0.000 here. I don’t really follow baseball (Go Tigers), but I know that’s bad.

It’s funny, as when all this chaos was happening, I kept thinking that I have this monthly update to provide, and I am going to have to say that I got nothing done for two months straight.

Adding to the pressure.

And stress.

So, I am not feeling too good about progress these days. I am not so hot on giving updates as they appear to jinx me and my creative process.

I might invite those who are really, truly interested in what I am doing to simply follow my GitHub and see what I am pushing over there.

So, until further notice (that is, when I really have something to provide), the monthly status reports are nixed.

And, I am not even sure at this point if I will even undertake anything at that point as that is more time and energy spent on something that isn’t the one thing I am focused on doing.

As my life’s mantra has been lately: shut up and code.

Time to start actually doing that.