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Shut Up and Code

Last month I updated with an idea that I had and said I would update here when done.

Well not to be outdone by my own word – or, rather, neurotic tendencies 😅 – I am here with an update.

To start, I guess I am inspired a bit with 37 Days to Launch.

It’s a great book. Very inspiring and “agile” in its truest sense. When you are after something to see if it works, you pretty much get to done as fast as possible and iterate on the failure – and failure is assumed.

In 37 Days, the purpose is to get something to market as soon as possible and gauge market feedback.

In my case here, however, it was meant to “get it out there” to see how it compared to how I envisioned it in the first place, and – more importantly – how I feel about it.

What is The Idea?

Well, the idea originated from an activity that I am already doing in my daily routine: finding interesting news and sharing links on social media.

Simple enough.

I also had recently read this really great blog that describes building passive income through website content.

So, I was inspired. My thought was to build a site around that and put banner ads around the content I am already sharing.

What Actually Happened

What actually happened was I built a satire site. It has all the fixings to put in banner ads, and rough draft content is already there. You can see it here:

The Cherry Tree

How Do I Feel About It?

Well, in a word, conflicted.

First, I was able to bolt this baby together in two weeks. Which is tremendously great and gratifying when you consider my timescale here with Super.NET (which I consider my “deep work” project) to be in years.

It was rather cathartic to be able to follow the vein of 37 Days and pump that out quickly (although this it would not be entirely possible if it weren’t for the amazing Hugo.)

However, after actually completing it and putting in place, I have reservations. I am going to break this all down in a list I have been keeping.

Pros / Cons

Here is what I like about what I have done:

  • Very simple idea, built in 2 weeks.
  • Can generate passive income which will help to perpetually support Super.NET development.
    • Really the only way of providing revenue towards this project that I am comfortable with doing.
  • Creative outlet. Gets my ideas out there.
  • Helps build a brand and audience. Useful for announcing new products or direction.
  • Try out the latest in blogging software (such as Hugo) and see how everything works. This is relevant to Super.NET as I envision it making improvements in this area for .NET developers.

Here are my reservations:

  • Not entirely necessary. I have enough funding to last two more years of development. Part of me is horrified and disappointed that I even considered doing this.
  • Gets my ideas there. If you are astute, you noticed that I also already listed this as a pro/plus/benefit. However, consider that this increases my online footprint, and I like keeping a low profile and flying under the radar.
  • Possible distraction. I spend more time on building this site than this project.
  • Helps feed the Google AdSense machine. I am actually impressed with AdSense, and think it’s amazing, but at the end of the day, it does collect information on people and I am not entirely comfortable with that (although I could work with it if I could – see: conflicted).
  • The core idea is to clown on people. Satire is a great form of feedback, but at the end of the day, I am clowning on people. Although this is an improvement from straight-up trolling on people directly, it’s something that I would like to eliminate – or at the very least reduce.
    • To further add to this, clowning on people is a form of coercion and manipulation, which I feel is root of all human societal ills. The irony, of course, is that most of my content is clowning on people who do manipulate and coerce.
    • All that said, I feel the spirit in which this is done is healthy and not vindictive and/or angry, so perhaps it is not all that bad. (Have I mentioned conflicted, yet?)

So What Now?

Well, I am not sold on this. But it only took two weeks of my time to discover this. Further, I might actually continue it. To build up a site to make any meaningful passive income will take 6-9 months. Is that possible in a side-project manner? Do I have the patience to find out? Do I have the stomach to face the risks?

I am apt to take all this whirlwind activity, cut my losses, and finally get to the main event.

Shut Up and Code

As you may or may not know, I have been feeling compelled to write status updates here to keep people appraised of my efforts, even though I really do not have an audience nor have I put any effort into promoting my undertaking. I have not promoted this project at all, and neither would I want to before it is actually completed.

The travesty is that nothing I have really done is actually towards this project in the past six months.

It’s quite laughable, honestly.

However, the good news is that nothing stands in my way from picking up where I left off six months ago (and I have actually already done that and have a couple of local commits established already).

My feeling as of late is to break that silly streak of monthly status reports, remove all distractions, and exclusively work on my vision here with Super.NET. I have plenty of runway and any perceived concern about finances (or any other “problem”) is really just that.

The expression of late in my mind has been “shut up and code.”

It may just become my mantra for life.

This means no social media, no side projects, no blogging (such as this) and focusing exclusively on this project.

So, that is where I am at with all of this. I do not know the next time I will post on this blog. Honestly, the longer time it is, the better. All of these words and the effort it takes to amass them is an undertaking and a distraction in the end. That is my current feeling about things, at the least.

With all of that said, wish me luck. And if interested, please follow my efforts on GitHub.

See you there. ✌